Metal Craft Door

This industrial style decorative door is inspired by Space barn door with a heavy metal punk twist, and the dimensions can be made to the customer's specifications. The craftsmanship uses welding technology with hand-painted and aged finish to highlight the vintage and punk style of the decorative doors.We can also addition your logo or your slogan on the door. Our technicians have 20 years of rich experience,we have hundreds of pictures of products customized by other customers, you can ask for them for your design reference.

Metal Craft Door


Astronaut Sculpture is white in color and the product is 150 cm tall. The name of this astronaut is "Space Walk"; Astronaut Sculpture focuses on light luxury, minimalist, and modern styles. Life-size floor sculptures, finely carved, exquisite workmanship, waterproof and dust-proof hand-painted, make the product beautiful, fashion and unique.


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Our predecessors, has been committed to the development and manufacture of iron crafts, in the early 1990s ,the style of crafts – steampunk was determined, in 1997,a complete craft manufacturing workshop was built up, in 2004 the company officially entered the foreign trade market, began to forge ahead to the world, according to customer demand we design customized products. In 2004, we acquired the ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 certifications.

  • Select custom product style

    Select custom product style

    Determine the product style, color, material (1.iron 2.resin 3.fiberglass), quantity demanded
  • For pay

    For pay

    Quotation and Production Time; payment of deposit (Pay a deposit first)
  • Design draft and confirm

    Design draft and confirm

    (1. Customer provided draft 2. Finalized design draft as required by the customer), Details (1. size 2. color 3. logo 4. packaging 5. accessories, etc.)
  • Product Production

    Product Production

    Production process generally does not allow changes in the design draft
  • Confirm transaction

    Confirm transaction

    When the product is finished, the customer needs to pay the final payment after confirming the product is correct
  • Packing


    Arrange packing and shipping